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When we carry out projects in the education sector, we’re proud of the fact that we’re helping to create brighter and better learning environments; it’s an investment in our future. Our building and refurbishment experience covers the entire education journey, from nursery school, through primary and further education. The environment is frequently live and we ensure sites are safe and hazard-free, often scheduling work around the needs of pupils and staff to keep disruption to a minimum.


Whether you require a school redevelopment, bespoke refurbishment or the transformation of an existing education building into an exceptional learning facility, we provide high-quality and value-for-money solutions that meet your needs.

Outstanding environments support outstanding results, and we provide innovative design and construction, contemporary or traditional for your entire range of estate requirements. We work closely with you to ensure that daily educational activity is uninterrupted, as well as engaging with the whole school community from day one of your construction scheme. In short, whatever the scale and complexity of your project, we deliver.


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